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Our 45th reunion has been cancelled


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Through this site, we shall be able to maintain dialogs, revive contacts and maintain contact with our fellow graduates and teachers. but ONLY if we contribute!

Any of our teachers are MORE that welcome to fill out the bio form!!! We WANT you to be a part of this!!

 There is a simple bio form for you to fill out. Do that and I will take care of the rest.  Your Year book photo will the link to your personal page. (Unless you send me another)

If you would like to e-mail or snail mail me a current photo please do so. I will post it on your personal page along with your biography.

If you are unable to scan a photo let me know. I will send you my snail-mail address so you can mail it to me.

Please enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope so I can get it (them) back to you.

Feel free to contact me at gcolby@comcast.net with any questions or comments.

Any ideas you might have for this site are welcome!!

If you do not want to provide your complete bio that is fine. Fill in what you would like.

The idea is to let others know that you are still around

Here's a list of the classmates we're having trouble trying to locate as of June 2008

William Becker Doris Butler Fulton Morneau  
Richard Ware Gus Westerlund Melvin Pushard  
Mary McLaughlin Tim Mclaughlin Lorraine Getchell Smith  

If anyone can give some information on these classmates please have them

contact Laurie Merrill Carlson  lcarlson@panax.com ,

Jon White jonw@myfairpoint.net or me gcolby@comcast.net


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